Billions upon billions of dollars change hands annually as a result of litigation disputes. Business owners need to expect that the likelihood of encountering a litigation dispute over the course of doing business is very high. From contract disputes to business litigation, finding an expert is paramount to your chance of succeeding. Finding the help of an expert attorney should be part of your long-term strategy for success to ensure the safety of your company. One wrong step in the litigation process could wipe away years of hard work and a civil dispute could cripple your future.

Common Reasons Clients Need Litigation

Litigation can be a frightening process if you don’t know what you are doing. However, David J. Franks is very experienced with a variety of litigation needs and can help ensure you don’t lose monetary damages. People find that they need litigation services for common reasons such as:

  • A disagreement or dispute with a partner
  • Contract disputes
  • Illegitimate business practices
  • Fraud
  • Business litigation
  • Civil disputes

We Care About Our Clients’ Needs

Finding an experienced litigation attorney is only half the battle, though. The other half is finding an attorney that actually cares about their client’s unique needs and problems. Civil lawsuits are extremely stress inducing and challenging, but finding a trusted attorney will leave you feeling confident. David J. Franks understands how the litigation process affects his clients on a personal level, and no one is more dedicated to protecting the interests of their clients. Don’t put your case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney or an attorney who sees you as ‘just another client.’ That kind of attitude means a disregard for a client’s well-being and as a result, the outcome of your case can be disastrous. For peace of mind and assurance you are in good hands, seek the services of David J. Franks.